Kara E. McCloskey, PhD

Associate and Founding Professor, School of Engineering

Chair, Graduate Program in Biological Engineering and Small-scale Technologies (BEST)

5200 N Lake Rd
Merced, CA 95343

Science and Engineering Building, Rm 344

Contact Info:
Email: kmccloskey@ucmerced.edu
Phone: (209) 228 - 7885

B.S. ChE, Ohio State University, 1996 
M.S. ChE, Ohio State University,  1999
Ph.D. ChE & BME, Joint Program with Ohio State University and Cleveland Clinic Foundation, 2001

NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow at Georgia Institute of Technology, 2001-2005

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Graduate Students




Samuel Reyes, PhD dr.sreyes@live.com

Using a cone-and-plate shear stress device (designed by Dr. Hanjoong Jo), Sam is researching the role of shear stress in directing stem cell fate. 







Anley Tefera, M.S. atefera@ucmerced.edu

Anley (goes by T) is a PhD candidate in Biological Engineering & Small-scale Technologies (BEST).  T's project involves studying the development of a cell stretching device for cardiac tissue slices as an in vitro model of cardiac tissue.  He has been funded as an NSF-Diversity Fellow, as well as, a Fellow under UCM 's Faculty Mentor Program.




Nicole Madfis, M.S. nmadfis@ucmerced.edu

Nicole is a PhD candidate in Quantitative and Systems Biology (QSB).  She is investigating the derivation, purification, characterization, and plasticity of tip, stalk, and phalanx-type endothelial cells from embryonic stem cells.




Rachel Hatano rhatano@ucmerced.edu

Rachel is a PhD candidate in Biological Engineering & Small-scale Technologies (BEST) graduate program and an NSF-IGERT Fellow. Rachel's project is aimed towards building a heart patch from embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes for heart repair.



Lian Wong lwong27@ucmerced.edu

Lian is a PhD candidate in Biological Engineering & Small-scale Technologies (BEST) graduate program. Lian was an NSF-IGERT Fellow for 2 years and now is an NSF-CREST Fellow. She is studying the role of stiffness and patterning in vascular fate towards building perfusable microvasculature in vitro.



Edwin Shen eshen@ucmerced.edu

Edwin is a PhD candidate in Biological Engineering & Small-scale Technologies (BEST) graduate program.  He is interested in bioprinting and vascular smooth muscle fate from stem cells.





Jose Zamora jzamora@ucmerced.edu

Jose is a PhD student in Biological Engineering & Small-scale Technologies (BEST) and NSF-CREST Fellow. He studies the emergence of spatial patterning between endothelial cells and smooth muscle cells during vasculogenesis, with an interest in how mechanotransduction influences the formation of these co-populations.




Basia Zuniga - Bioengineering

Lisa Salmeron - Bioengineering

Michael Brooks - Bioengineering

Gregory Girardi - Bioengineering

Christopher Carlson - Bioengineering

Gagandip Singh - Biology

Alexis Zamudio-Torres - Human Biology

Meer Mohamad - Bioengineering

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